The Legacy of Meyers Nursery


Charlie Meyers started in the nursery business with Hughes Nursery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 1923, Charlie and his wife Eva started Meyers Nursery at the current location – The Canfield Airport on Independence Avenue in Waterloo.  Eventually their son Bud and his wife Berneice took over the nursery where in the 50’s they continued to grow – the business and their family – by adding Jack, Peggy, and Linda to the mix! In 2019, Wade Fleming acquired Meyer’s.

Though the early days sales only lasted during the growing season, in the 1960’s, potted stock was added to allow the nursery to remain open all summer.


In fall of 2023, Phil and Deb Rausch purchased Meyers Nursery to continue the legacy that has been built by those that came before them. Phil is a third generation nurseryman and landscape designer. Deb has been in Administrative roles for major Fortune 500 companies and is currently Chief of Staff for a major bank. Together, Phil and Deb bring years of experience in the nursery and business industries with them to Meyers Nursery. The Rausch family has dedicated themselves to upholding the values of quality, service, and professionalism while preserving the family-built traditions that have defined Meyers Nursery for over a century!

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