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1685 Independence Ave.
Waterloo, Iowa 50707
Phone: 319-232-3954


Emerald Ash Borer
Homeowner do it yourself Emerald Ash Borer Treatment.
You can do a 128"
 circumference tree or several smaller trees.
One treatment per year required.
Stop out and see one of our professional staff, we will show you how easy it is to protect the Ash in your yard!

While the old reliable plants, which are winter hardy for the Black
Hawk County area are extremely tough to compete with, the newer introductions are simply too nice to ignore!
Stop out and check out these gems!

Bloomstruck Hydrangea
Bloomstruck, the newest addition to the Endless Summer Collection, lives up to the promise of Endless Blooms, and then some. This reblooming mophead flowers on old and new wood and has perfectly rounded flowers averaging 3.5 - 5" across. The intense rose-pink, violet or blue flower heads are held upright on striking red-purple stems. Flowers are violet-blue to blue in acidic soil. Glossy dark green leaves with red petioles and red veins add to this plant's presence and make it stand out before flowers ever open.

Gold Cone Juniper
This dwarf evergreen makes a strong vertical statement in the landscape with its canary-yellow tipped foliage. Female plants bear the bluish-gray juniper berries. Introduced by Kordes Nursery, Germany.


Rejoice Flowering Crab
 Exceptionally streamlined, upright form, requires no pruning to maintain its naturally symmetrical form. Semi-double, rose pink flowers blossom in spring occasionally followed by burgundy fruits. Attractive dark green foliage is accented with a rich burgundy overcast. A new selection of 'Red Barron' from Lake County Nursery.


 Koblod Barberry
This barberry is best noted for its shiny dark green foliage and compact habit. Pruning is not required to maintain its natural mounded shape. Perfectly suited for a low hedge, the front of the shrub border or rock gardens.

Colorado Columnar Blue Spruce
'Fastigiata' is a popular selection because of its tight, columnar habit and attractive, blue color. Since it will not grow as tall as the species, nor as wide, it is the perfect choice for planting in a smaller areas. Often used as a focal point, in a foundation planting and also in containers. The branches of 'Fastigiata' will spread with age, but can be kept tight with shearing.


Sun Joy Golden Pillar Barberry
Similar in shape to 'Helmond Pillar', but with bright golden foliage and red new growth. Bright orange-red fall foliage is stunning. In side by side tests with other yellow barberry varieties, Sunjoy® proved to be very burn resistant.


Rainbow Sensation Weigela
Even before the first flowers appear, Rainbow Sensation™ will brighten your garden with its attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft pink flowers bloom profusely in May, attracting hummingbirds to the garden. Weigela is especially well suited to urban environments where it performs beautifully with minimal care.

Glow Girl Birch Leaf Spirea
Pink buds with hints of red in them open to pure white blooms in spring - right when shoppers are in the garden center. The lemon-lime foliage holds its color well through the summer without burning, and takes on brilliant oranges in fall. The full, compact habit is very attractive in a container. A great plant for retailers and landscapers who need easy, adaptable color for colder climates.

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