About Us:

The Meyers Story

Charlie Meyers got his start in the nursery business working at Hughes Nursery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
After moving from Readlyn, Iowa, Charlie and Eva Meyers started Meyers Nursery in 1923 at the current location of the Canfield Airport on Independence Avenue in Waterloo. As life continued, their son Bud eventually took over the business.
Bud, while participating in a church play around 1940, met a true Angel, he took this Angel, Berneice, as his wife in 1942.
(Editor’s note: To this day, if you are looking for a particular plant, along with care instructions, Berneice will be the first in line to help guide you through the nursery. This young lady is truly the matriarch of Meyers Nursery. And, if you look real close, some days you can see her wings.)
In 1947, they gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Jack, followed by 2 daughters, Peggy and Linda.
During the middle 1950’s, the nursery grew fresh strawberries, sweet corn and upward of 1,000 tomato plants. All tomatoes were hand washed and at the one low cost of $2.50 for a heaping bushel. Sweetcorn was $2.00 per bushel.
All the while, the tree business continued to grow. During the early years, however, most of the selling season came to an end around Memorial Day for trees and shrubs. It wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that potted stock became available and allowed for the selling season to continue all summer.
This is truly a family business. On any given day, please stop by and you will find Berneice, Jack, Roberta, Linda and Peggy along with their dedicated staff waiting to serve you!